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Refined coconut oil

The refined form of coconut oil is widely consumed worldwide. As compare to the use of virgin oil of coconut, the demand of refined oil is much higher. Actually the oil extracted from coconut is refined, bleached and deodorized through various steps of processing.

During extraction of oil at large quantity, the risk of bacterial and fungal infection increases. That is why it is processes through various stages so that the oil remains consumable after a long time period.

The shealife refined coconut oil comes in 4 different packing for both personal and commercial use. This is very effective agent for the smoothening of skin and preventing from dryness.

Uses of Refined Coconut Oil

You can use organic refined coconut oil for many purposes such as:-

  • It can be used as an alternative of cooking oil that you use every day in kitchen. It remains stable even under high temperature so you can use for deep frying purpose.
  • For non sticky cooking purpose, this shealife refined coconut oil is very useful, spray it on ingredients while cooking and it will not let the food to stick with vessel.
  • As a skin moisturizer, this oil is very helpful in to maintain the smoothness of your skin. The refined coconut oil for skin is best alternative for many body lotions that contains harmful chemicals.

The nutrients level of refined coconut oil is lower as compare to the virgin coconut oil because it is extracted under high temperature. But there is no harm on consumption of this oil as it is obtained from natural coconut fruit. You can buy refined coconut oil from shealife at very reasonable price and without compromising with quality.

The organic raw oil of coconut is available at this site for business purpose in 12.5kg and 25kg packing. Choose any of the suitable pack, place your order and product will be delivered to your workplace. Currently refined coconut oil online sale by shealife is offering 20% off on every order you place through online payment.

The website is one of the best refined coconut oil bulk suppliers offering one stop solution to all your woes. Place the order as the goods never go out of the stock. As a premium refined coconut oil supplier the company ensures that the product is delivered on time.

By building a supply chain management system, shea life has ensured seamless flow of goods from the refined coconut oil manufacturers within a very short period of time.