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Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

The oil obtained from fresh and matured raw coconut which contains both solid and liquid portions is called organic coconut oil. It is much beneficial as compare to the coconut oil of fully matured fruit. It is totally unprocessed oil that is why all the nutrients are preserved to provide maximum benefit to the body.

During the extraction of organic raw virgin coconut oil, temperature was not exceeded above 45 degree calculus. The heat is controlled during extraction and you get totally pure oil. Organic virgin coconut oil bulk manufacturer use the above mentioned technique to create the product.

Skin and hair benefits of raw virgin coconut oil

Basically, the use of organic raw virgin coconut oil is very popular in the treatment of skin diseases and hair fall. Use of this oil is very helpful for the following purposes:-

  • It is very helpful in keeping your skin younger for a long time by providing proper nourishment. You can use raw coconut oil for skin as a lotion for smoothening. In winter season, nothing can beat the properties of this oil as a body moisturizer. Just apply on whole body and you will never feel dryness for whole day.
  • As a hair nourishment agent, shealife raw coconut oil for hair has great properties to save scalp from dryness and dandruff. The virgin oil obtained from coconut is helps in strengthening of roots and the hairs remain strong.

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The big packing of 10kg and 20kg is enough to order in bulk quantity. You can buy raw virgin coconut oil online from shealife with maximum quantity of 10 packing’s at a time. It means the maximum quantity of coconut oil you can order from this website is 200kg.

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