About Us

SHEALIFE is part of the Brown earth company, we have been at the forefront in developing & manufacturing Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and African Black Soap based skincare products & raw ingredients for more than 15 years. Our expertise is in the development & wholesale of effective ingredients & products specifically for sensitive and allergy prone skin.

We source and produce raw ingredients, which are never tested on Animals. We partner with local producer cooperatives around the world to create environmentally sustainable raw materials.
Raw Ingredients: The creation and supply of the best raw ingredients is a way of life for us, we spearhead many innovatory and super active natural oils.

Skincare line: Our 15 years experience, resources us with expert winning formula product knowledge. Today's  consumers demand specific products, which are natural or and organic, not harmful to the global environment, to budget and effective to satisfy special and challenging skincare needs.

Private Labeling: Our focus is primarily to manufacture high quality products with the best proven skin & hair care results. To this end we also combine market demand driven intelligence data, with commercial feasibility to manufacture Private Label products for our partner customers.

We are available for discussion or questions ( Tel: +44(0)845 2238823 or email: [email protected] ) you may have regarding raw ingredientsskincare lines and private label development.

Kind regards
Nana Yaw Djin.